Trust in your ability to heal-Dr McQuaid Lakeport Podiatrist

Trust in your ability to heal-Dr McQuaid Lakeport Podiatrist

Today’s column is the first in a series inspired by the December 2016 issue of National Geographic entitled, The Healing Power of Faith. After 21 years in medical practice I have observed firsthand the power of faith and healing. I call this attitudinal medicine. I have witnessed in myself and in my patients the power to heal is in the attitude of trust. Trusting in your doctor and in the process of healing is the attitude to have for the resolution of disease.

National Geographic is a credible publication. I was pleased to see the article referenced above and would encourage you to read it as well. The article supports my observations in healing patients over two decades. The opening sentence of the column is, “You’re not just what you eat, or do, or think. You are what you believe”.

Science has now confirmed the connection between regular spiritual activities such as a Sunday service and your health. Participation in a regular spiritual activity can improve the immune system, decrease blood pressure, and add years to our lives according to the National Geographic article. I have been writing in these columns for years about this, but it is gratifying that such a prestigious publication is also confirming the healing connection between the mind and the body.

Your participation in any specific religion is not what is necessary. This can be helpful, but is not the only way to implement the attitude of trust. Belief in the process of healing is enough. The belief in the treatment is the explanation for the placebo effect.

Researchers are now studying the placebo response and proving that the faith in the treatment is what provides the healing. For many years scientists avoided the separate study into the placebo effect. They were annoyed by the data of successful placebo. This is now changing. Neurologist Michael Okun of the University of Florida states, “The line between treatment and placebo is blurrier than ever”. There is now a wave of academic research into the placebo phenomena.

This research corroborates what I have personally witnessed in my own medical practice. My approach to medicine focuses on clinical results. I am less impressed by evidence-based double blind scientific research. My approach focuses on what works. I don’t care what patients choose to do to get better. I only care about whether is works. My expertise helps most of the time, but when is doesn’t I encourage other things.

Patients can trust in what I provide or they can see an acupuncturist, I have no objection. My philosophy is to use all available resources to get better. Another name I give to this type of medicine is complementary medicine. All forms of healing work; the critical factor is in what you trust will help you.

Trust is the key to it all and is an attitude you can develop. It is not the specific treatment by pill, surgery, diet, or supplement. We heal via trust in what we are doing and the care of the provider. I don’t call this the placebo effect; I call this the trust effect.

You may need a pacemaker to correct your heart rhythm. I would never tell you that faith alone will correct an irregular heartbeat. What I am saying is trust in the ability of your cardiologist along with the need for a pacemaker is what can bring about improved results. Your chances of the pacemaker working well for you are better if you trust in your heart doctors’ ability.

We can trust in the medication, in the doctor, in the surgery, in the process. Everything works together. Nothing is in isolation when we want to heal our body or our minds. Trust is what meshes it all together. I have no scientific paper to prove these words. I do have testimony that I see it every day. It is reassuring to have National Geographic see it too.

I will conclude with one last quote by Henry Ford, “If you think you can, or you think you can’t, either way you are right.” Healing occurs when you trust in the process.

Matthew McQuaid, DPM is a board certified foot surgeon practicing in Lakeport. He has a particular interest in Mind/Body medicine and its impact on healing. He is an award winning author and teacher. Please share this article with a friend. For more information please call 707-263-3727 and visit

Trust in your ability to heal-Dr McQuaid Lakeport Podiatrist

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