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Dr. McQuaid’s Mission Statement

Our office is dedicated to providing the highest quality medical care in a respectable, efficient manner. As a team, we will strive to meet patient’s needs and reduce waiting times. Our goal is to embrace change, and not to struggle with it. A course will be set by establishing a network of cooperation through empowerment, cross-training and trust.

07th Dec 2016
Tips to Keep Feet Happy this Holiday Season

Tips to Keep Feet Happy this Holiday Season

Holiday shopping, decorating, parties and traveling are all part of our holiday revelries. But while you’re making all that merriment, how happy are your feet? You may be doing a...

The Miracle of Redemption

I recently watched a documentary on the Discovery Channel about the landing of US Airways flight 1549 on the Hudson River. There is also a new movie out about this...

The Four Qualities of Spontaneous Healing

Have you ever heard of a story of someone who had a life threatening disease and who cured himself? These stories always attract our attention and we wonder how did...