Diabetic Medicare Shoes

Good News for Patients with Diabetes!

Did you know that Medicare has a provision for diabetic shoes? If you qualify, Medicare will pay for one pair of orthopedic diabetic shoes and ulcer preventing insoles every year!

Uncle Sam does not want diabetic patients who are at risk for infections to develop foot problems, such as ulcers or infections. Medicare provides this benefit to patients with diabetes who are “high risk”. Risk involves problems such as: poor circulation, diminished or absent sensation, corns and calluses, nail and foot deformities, hammertoes, bunions and swelling. Any one of these problems puts you at risk for amputation. Medicare understands the value of preventing lower leg amputations in diabetics. One of the critical ways to reduce this devastating complication is by paying for patients shoes each year.

Scientific studies have proven that one of the best ways to prevent infections of the foot in people with diabetes is by wearing medically prescribed diabetic shoes. Dr. McQuaid is an expert in diagnosing and treating diabetic foot problems. He is also qualified to prescribe diabetic shoes. Dr. McQuaid’s office staff will be happy to help with all of the paperwork and claim filing. This truly is an outstanding benefit. Call Dr. McQuaid today to make an appointment to discuss how Medicare will pay for your shoes! p_diabetes2

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